Privileges of Bavaria Ownership

At Bavaria Yachts, our aim is to set a new bar in the sailing industry when it comes to quality of service provided to our owners. Bavaria owners are passionate about their boats, and passionate about their time on the water. At Bavaria Yachts, we are equally passionate about ensuring that our owners enjoy a seamless, hassle-free ownership experience. In fact, we have deliberately geared our entire business model to enable us to provide direct, Bavaria-dedicated service throughout the ownership life cycle, from a straightforward buying process, to top-quality commissioning, and throughout all aspects of the ownership experience. Our direct model allows us to offer high-end service, as standard to Bavaria owners, including complementary engine service at 50 hours and 200 hours as well as rigging inspections and tunes at 3 months and 12 months. Owners have 24/7 access to us for any emergency issues that may arise, no-hassle warranty claims, and a slew of additional owner’s benefits. We don’t believe in cutting corners, we don’t believe in passing the buck between dealers, distributors, and manufacturers. We believe in bringing all the resources Bavaria Yachts has to bear, to take the best care of our owners.

Bavaria Services Offerings

In addition to the “platinum-comes-standard” service we provide our new yacht buyers, we apply that same dedication to the array of project and maintenance services we offer to both new and existing Bavaria Yacht owners. Because we know Bavaria Yachts, and because we are solely focused on Bavaria Yachts, you can expect a deeper level of dedication and knowledge, in our Service approach. We offer a full range of installation services, project services, and maintenance packages, for both new and nicely-seasoned Bavaria Yachts.

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