Now you can even navigate through your own yacht.

We’re all familiar with smart home technology for houses. BAVARIA YACHTS has now made its boats smart, allowing almost the entire yacht to be operated from your plotter – or your tablet or smartphone.

Standing at the rudder, controlling the lights in the foreship cabin? Yes, you can. Switching navigating lights on and off? Also. Controlling music, heating, refrigerator or anchor winch? Not a problem. View the level of your tanks? Check. A data network makes all this possible. And of course, the plotter can navigate you and display nautical data as usual. Smart, don’t you think?

A remote control – for yachts

The experts at Navico have teamed up with Naviop to develop user interfaces for the plotter and switch boxes. This allows electrical and electronic components to communicate with one another. It’s new and it makes everything much, much easier. 

And safer too, because you can keep an eye on all the important things digitally: full information about the yacht, including system diagnostics to tell you that everything is working correctly. Are the tanks full enough? Are the batteries charged? In an emergency, you can even get help from the 24/7 help desk, or an expert can connect up via ‘Remote Support’. All of this is controlled using a very simple user interface.

Keeping an eye on everything: are the right navigating lights on? How’s the battery? What’s the sonar saying? And much more.

Tank levels displayed with perfect clarity.

Battery levels and other consumer points can be checked and displayed to ensure that everything keeps working.

You can keep an eye on all the systems and data at all times, even from your home, hundreds of miles away.

So simple, so safe.
It isn’t just the design of the BAVARIA C45 and C50 that’s modern and state of the art, it’s the equipment on board as well. ‘True Integration’ is new and extremely practical. Digital convenience. Now you can control and operate everything on board with perfect ease, from anywhere and using anything – from your plotter, to your smartphone when you’re out and about. BAVARIA YACHTS is in front again.
Alexander Berg
Head of Program Management

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