Personal style in over 60 m²

A good interior is always a perfect combination of style and functionality. In the BAVARIA C45 you can help choose the style, especially by selecting the wood: classic mahogany, white oak or elegant walnut. All of it staged with lots of daylight, creating a naturally bright environment below deck. It feels as comfortable as your home on land.

  • Laid out using a specially developed modular system
  • Huge living area of 61.06 sqm
  • Big saloon with fantastically equipped pantry 
  • Three wood colours available to choose from

Or bright and friendly?

Tastes differ. It’s good to have the choice. White oak is for those who like things clear and open. The material’s brushed texture enhances its pleasantly natural feel.

Bright delight, luxury haven: the owner’s cabin.

Space even for ambitious cooks and their helpers.

Control centre with map table and navigation equipment.

The bathroom is luxurious too, with a separate shower cabin.

Do you prefer darkly elegant?

Walnut’s rich tones create an understated elegance. It exudes lots of warmth and cosiness. The upholstery and the surfaces in the pantry provide brighter touches.

An unusual level of luxury in this class: the owner’s cabin.

A wonderfully big, queen-sized bed with a splendid view. 

Spacious saloon for socialising with family and friends.

Bathroom with separate shower cabin and high-quality fittings.

Or perhaps a distinctive brown?

Mahogany – for everyone who loves a classic look. It’s especially popular for luxurious furniture. No wonder: it looks stunning and enhances any room.

Space for everything and everyone: the BAVARIA C45’s generous saloon.

The owner’s cabin offers lots of light and a cosy atmosphere.

A high-quality bathroom with lots of space to look after yourself.

Even the aft cabin is not without its luxuries.

The 10 interior highlights of the Bavaria C45

  • Three wood colours are available to choose from: mahogany, walnut and pale oak
  • Choose between 10 layouts
  • A generous 61.06 sqm of space below deck
  • Luxurious owner’s cabin with separate shower
  • Biggest, best‐equipped pantry on the market
  • Fantastically wide ladderway to the saloon
  • Four upholstery versions available, each in five colours
  • For the floor covering: three high‐quality woods are available to choose from
  • 95 litre refrigerator plus 65 litre freezer
  • Big bathrooms with separate shower cabins
Perfect interior for a perfect feeling.
Interiors are always a matter of personal preference. That’s why we offer so many ways you can help design it. Some people feel more comfortable in a darker ambience, others prefer it bright. And below deck, it’s the ambience and mood that matter. That’s what helps family and friends enjoy their time.
Alexander Berg
Head of Program Management

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