Nice and fast, nice and safe.

Fun meets safety. The BAVARIA C45 offers great sailing performance on the one hand and safe sailing on the other. You can trim and steer it from the two steering pedestals in the back cockpit, setting and carefully trimming the sails to every situation using the four winches. The helmstand also gives you a perfect view over all the navigation equipment, the sails and the course ahead.

  • Exceptional, superior sailing performance
  • Everything in view and everything within reach at all times
  • Fast manoeuvring thanks to a self-tacking jib
  • Light and extremely tough hull thanks to VacuTec technology
64 m²
43 m²
Self-tacking jib
50 m²
90 m²
Code 0
180 m²

Speed was one of our objectives.

The overall design of the BAVARIA C45 is a picture of clarity, and the deck layout is clear and uncluttered too. All of the halyards and sheets for the sails run to the stern inside the superstructure. When it comes to sailing performance, this yacht is safe even under severe conditions. A performance rig assists in perfect trimming.

Speed was important to us. For example, the self-tacking jib guarantees fast turning when tacking. A big gennaker gets you moving quickly, and it’s set and stowed using a furler. A perfectly balanced rudder blade also makes itself felt in performance. The BAVARIA C45 obeys every rudder movement under sail and when manoeuvring at port.

And, being lighter than other yachts is almost a matter of course for us – thanks to VacuTec technology, made by BAVARIA.

VPP sail performance at 12 kn true wind speed; 103% Jib and Gennaker; deep keel 2.20 m.

Speed was one of our objectives.
But it was just as important to our development team that the BAVARIA C45 should be very safe and easy to sail, and they succeeded. This is the result of decades of experience in building cruising and sailing yachts under the guidance of our team at BAVARIA YACHTS and Cossutti Yacht Design.
Alexander Berg
Head of Program Management

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