You can't sail properly without the proper sail.

Every trip is different. And the demands on sails are equally diverse. So every trip has to begin with choosing the right sail. Day‐excursion? Sailing through an archipelago for a week at midsummer? Or is it going to be a really long voyage?

If you’re sailing on the open sea, the material your sail is made out of has to be able to cope with the weather conditions. Dimensional stability and durability are key. Find the right material with us:


Polyester fabric (Dacron)

Polyester fabric has changed enormously in recent years and has developed to a very high standard. Dacron is the most popular sail material. It’s almost indestructible, very resistant to UV light, and economical too. That’s why it’s suitable for making sails for average demands.

Polyester Laminate DCX

Sails made of this material offer excellent dimensional stability. They’re low‐stretch, durable, and highly tear‐resistant. The advantage here is that you can sail more efficiently in different wind strengths without any loss of handling. That means you can sail fast – closer to the wind – with less listing.

EPEX Membrane

What’s special about EPEX technology is that it enables one workflow, from design to finished sail. Our EPEX table is the most precise of its kind anywhere in the world. This is how it works: a patented application head positions every single fibre precisely while the whole membrane is held in place by an extra‐strong vacuum. The result is a strong sail that can withstand the harshest conditions for years while retaining exceptional dimensional stability and performance.


The big advantage of nylon is that it can be woven very tightly. This produces a very light and strong fabric. Despite being so light, it exhibits high tensile strength. Because of that and because it’s so resistant to wear, this fabric is excellent for downwind sails like spinnakers and gennakers.

Elvstrøm Sails - Product matrix, materials

This matrix will help you find your way around performance potential in conjunction with the predicted durability of different materials.

The perfect sail

Mainsail, epex, double taffeta, technora black, with full‐length battens.

Epex membrane technology gives this sail maximum performance. And not only that: it gives you the best possible control of the sail shape and works perfectly with lazy‐jacks and a zippack.

Mainsail, ’hi‐tech’ polyester laminate, with full‐length battens.

Polyester laminate offers excellent sailing performance. This mainsail has full‐length battens, providing better control, and it lasts longer than a standard mainsail made of Dacron.

Mainsail, dacron, with full‐length battens.

The ideal mainsail when you’re looking for performance and easy handling. Full‐length battens give you better control over the sail shape and have the positive side‐effect of making the sail last longer.

EMS max furling mainsail, epex, double taffeta, technora black, with full‐length vertical plus intermediate battens.

By far the best mainsail available. It offers the very best sailing performance, due partially to the vertical and short intermediate battens.

’Hi‐tech’ furling mainsail, ems 4v, with full‐length vertical battens.

This sail has vertical battens across its entire area, offering significantly better performance than a standard mainsail made of Dacron. Another benefit is that folds between the luff are prevented when the sail is reefed.

Furling jib – epex, technora / double taffeta.

This furling jib offers the best possible performance for any sailing yacht. The sail is reinforced by short vertical battens, and it doesn’t crumple thanks to E‐Flex – neither when reefing nor when taking in.

Furling jib, ’hi‐tech’ polyester laminate.

Performs much better than standard Dacron material for the furling jib. The key is that E‐Flex guarantees a smooth shape when reefing and taking in. UV protection has also been incorporated at the sail foot and leech.

Gennaker, code 2a, downwind.

This gennaker makes for great sailing on broad‐reach courses and when sailing downwind. It’s been optimised for easy handling. This gennaker achieves its best performance between 95° and 170° TWA.

You can't sail properly without the proper sail
Every minute counts, so you need a sail you can rely on. A sail that can handle any weather conditions while retaining its shape and remaining durable. BAVARIA YACHTS use exclusively the quality sails made by our renowned partner, Elvstrøm Sails.
Alexander Berg
Head of Program Management

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