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Focusing on the essentials – perfect design.

Unfussy design is what this new yacht is all about, above and below deck. The BAVARIA C65 boasts clear, reduced lines. Fine, smooth side-contours. Elegance was everything when we developed this yacht; we wanted to give bluewater cruising a new look, with a design that would look great anywhere in the world, in every far-flung harbour and every bay.


The design features a clear, smooth deck and sporty rig. Big hull windows blend appealingly into the lines of the hull, making the yacht look even longer. This is accentuated further by a flat superstructure and a narrow strip of windows running from the mast to the cockpit.

At the back, an XXL bathing platform opens up to reveal the dinghy garage which offers enough space for a Jet Tender and other equipment for enjoying the water. The bathing platform itself is the ideal place from which to swim or sunbathe, or to prepare for an unforgettable dive.


The deck emphasizes the BAVARIA C65’s clear design. The foreship is uncluttered and has nothing built onto it to break its lines. The hatches are embedded in the deck, reflecting our standards of design and boatbuilding. The long, flat superstructure begins behind the mast and blends smoothly into the cockpit. A strip of hatches down the middle makes everything look slim and elegant, with inconspicuous yet large windows that contribute to the ideal lighting and ventilation concept below deck.

Discover more clarity – including in the cockpit. It’s divided into sailing and relaxation areas. Two steering pedestals provide you with a perfect view of the sails, your course and all the instruments. All of the halyards, sheets and trim equipment for the sails leads below deck to the steering pedestals, within direct reach of the helmsman.


Two electric winches on the port and starboard sides trim the sails at the press of a button, and thanks to that concept, handling is wonderfully easy and safe for the helmsman to do alone.

There is a lounge area in front of the steering pedestals. It features two cockpit tables where you can enjoy lunch and dinner; these can be lowered and transformed into two large sunbathing areas. Alternatively, you can choose the two sunbathing areas on either side of the broad ladderway if you want to enjoy the sunshine.


More pleasure: that’s what the aft section is all about. A barbeque and wet bar are integrated into the broad bench behind the steering pedestals. This represents the culinary centre of the cockpit, whether at port or at anchor.

Alexander Berg, Head of Program Management

Discover more with the new BAVARIA C65 – her contemporary look shines inside and outside with the help of refined details, the finest and most exquisite materials which can be personalised, and lastly the improved cutting-edge technology which makes exploring the seas much more comfortable and enjoyable.