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A perfect interior for the perfect experience.

It’s like your own home – you have to feel comfortable. It’s your own four walls. That’s why the interior of a 65-foot yacht is so immensely important and one of a yacht designer’s most exacting tasks. Why? It has to be functional yet modern. It has to win over owners who have already seen a lot, giving them extremely high expectations. It is their special desires you have to fulfil.


Our approach is to offer the ultimate comfort both at port and at sea. This we do with an intelligent spatial concept, the latest technology, the very best materials and – very importantly – incredible attention to detail. It’s all about offering more. Equally important is the creation of different zones below deck – a private zone and a social zone. They have to be balanced. We think we’ve achieved that. Find out for yourself.

Teak style

Teak is famous for being hard, tough and durable, and it has a wonderful, characteristic natural grain. Teak is without doubt one of the most sumptuous and popular materials, partly because of its velvety feel and unique appearance.

A level of luxury previously unknown in this class: the owner’s cabin.

An agreeably large queen-size bed: either central amidships or starboard.

More luxury in a walk-in bathroom with separate shower cabin. 

Space for everything, everyone and every occasion: the spacious saloon.

Walnut style

Unpretentious elegance of a special kind. A modern relief pattern creates a unique sensory experience. A multitude of warm brown hues and fine graining produce a feeling of cosseted wellbeing.

Bleached Oak style

Simply more elegance at every level, in every area – that was the vision prior to our designs. Our Bleached Oak style realises the vision: it’s bright, friendly and openly designed. The brushed texture of the materials emphasises a pleasantly natural feel. It’s a bit like a house in the country – with a floorboard look to match.

Because we know what we're doing, we do it especially well.

Expertise is always a valuable asset. At BAVARIA we can fall back on 40 years of experience in building sailing yachts, experience we have incorporated into this boat. This is how we fulfil every requirement in all of our layouts and in every area of the yacht. Here are some examples:


The saloon is extremely spacious thanks to its intelligent layout – and despite the fact that the BAVARIA C65’s superstructure is streamlined and dynamic. There is masses of headroom. Descend below deck down the wide ladderway – without bumping into anything. The enormous saloon table is the first thing that meets the eye. Then the comfortable lounge opposite. A navigation table serves as a control centre with all of its instruments, and you can easily communicate with the helmsman from there. Another (optional) benefit is a retractable 40-inch television to give you that home cinema experience at high sea.


The pantry is like a giant ‘U’ and has all the space and all the features you need. In short, it lacks nothing, and it’s arranged so that communicating with the crew in the saloon is trouble-free. Opposite the pantry, owners have four options. Firstly, an office to keep you in business on any voyage. Secondly, family-friendly bunk beds. Thirdly, a big utility room with a walk-in wardrobe. Fourthly, a walk-in bathroom with separate shower that you can access from the owner’s cabin. You choose.


Talking of the owner’s cabin, it’s pure luxury – even by the standards of this class. Bigger. More comfortable. Quieter, due to sound insulation. The cabin can be designed the way you want it thanks to a long list of options: you can choose to have the queen-size bed centrally amidships, or starboard. And you can even have a dressing table and a walk-in wardrobe. If you want, there’s a 28-inch TV.


The VIP cabins aft – similarly large and luxurious – each have a comfortable queen-size bed. An en-suite bathroom, a separate shower and big cupboards with lots of storage space complete the luxury experience. Extra-large hull windows make everything bright as day and pleasant to live in.

Ten highlights to look forward to.

  • Four different styles: Mahogany, Walnut, Oak and Teak.
  • Four available layouts – some of them combinable.
  • An incredible 102 sqm of available space.
  • Comfortable lounge with 2 or 3 seats.
  • The owner’s cabin is the biggest in this class.
  • The ladderway is unrivalled in width.
  • Gigantic U-shaped pantry with every convenience.
  • Four upholstery versions – each in five different colours.
  • Three high-grade wood varieties for the flooring.
  • 250-litre fridge and freezer including ice cube maker.

Alexander Berg, Head of Program Management

The BAVARIA C65 is all about discovering more – everywhere. Inside this means a whole series of great features that are virtually unrivalled, including a spacious saloon, a huge, U-shaped pantry and a luxurious owner’s cabin that’s hard to match. More space, comfort and natural light. That’s what this yacht is all about on the inside.