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Because the best is only just good enough.

It’s easy to tell the quality of something: you just have to touch it. You can feel when a material is truly excellent. Take solid wood strips for instance. You can see and feel the attention to detail – and the work done by hand. Everything inside a BAVARIA is made at our own factory. Every wooden part is varnished up to six times on our own varnishing line. To us, craftsmanship is what makes the difference.


But it isn’t just us who strives for the best possible result. Throughout the creation process we work exclusively with renowned, trusted partners, all of whom are market leaders in their fields. And you can tell.


The BAVARIA C65 incorporates vacuum infusion technology, just like every other BAVARIA yacht. We call it BAVARIA VacuTec. The difference is, carbon fibres are used in this boat, which makes it even stronger and even lighter.

  1. Mould tool
  2. Gelcoat and GRP laminate
  3. Peel ply
  4. Permeable film
  5. Resin flow mesh
  1. Vacuum bagging film
  2. Vacuum control valve
  3. Resin flow channel
  4. Sealing tape

More quality in every detail.


Dark and elegant or bright and friendly, our furnishings give the room the atmosphere you want – and an exclusivity you can see and feel. You can sense something exceptional because everything has been made with dedication and absolute precision. Four different looks give every yacht its own special character.


Leather is a unique natural product. It’s highly durable and it has an aura of comfort. When you touch leather, you feel its quality and exclusivity. Our leathers are perfectly balanced with the rest of the interior.


Above all else, yacht floors have to be tough. We only ever fit top quality floors that can withstand rough usage and any pressure. Their designs are timeless and they boast a consistent quality level.

Our mission

At BAVARIA we don't just build yachts – we make dreams come true. Passionately, with real German engineering, with absolute attention to details and always 100 % Made in Germany. For the happiest times of your life.

Alexander Berg, Head of Program Management

A yacht has to stand up to the rigours of everyday sailing. It has to look good but it has to be extremely rugged too, which is why it was so important to us to find the perfect combination of quality and style – in all our materials. That’s how we achieve such a sense of wellbeing – which is ultimately what it’s all about.