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Sailing as it should be.

A 65 foot yacht doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult to sail. On the contrary: we’ve engineered simplicity in, so that you can enjoy the freedom of the seas. What do we mean by that? We mean less work. Steering the BAVARIA C65 doesn’t even need two hands – it needs two fingers. The reason for this is the double rudder system which allows an ideal flow of water onto the two rudder blades, even when heeling.


An optimized sail plan guarantees the perfect balance between mainsails and foresails – which is ideal for long voyages. In practice this means you’ll be amazed at how balanced it is to sail when you stand at the helm of the BAVARIA C65.

118 m2
77 m2
Self-tacking jib
95 m2
185 m2
Code 0
288 m2

This yacht is the perfect balance between elegant design, spacious accommodation and fast sailing. A perfectly formed hull with a steep stern, a long waterline of almost 18 metres and a draught of 3.5 metres all ensure steady handling at sea. A 6.5 tonne keel provides the requisite uprighting; it is engaged with the forces of the rig and hull in conjunction with a stainless steel frame and an extremely strong floor assembly. The hull, in turn, is built using BAVARIA’s VacuTec system and reinforced with additional carbon. This has the side-effect of reducing weight while maximising rigidity.


More means more options: a 118 sqm mainsail, 77 sqm self-tacking jib and 95 sqm genoa are all available. Perfect performance is guaranteed thanks to a sail area of 213 sqm to the wind. On high sees you can choose between a Code Zero (185 sqm) and a gennaker (185 sqm). When we designed this, we kept in mind that the yacht had to be extremely easy to handle under any wind conditions. The self-tacking jib and genoa are stored on a furler below deck. The furler systems run so smoothly that they can be handled in any wind with ease. That too is what we mean by more – that you have to do less.

VPP sail performance at 16 kn true wind speed;
deep keel 3.5 m.

Alexander Berg, Head of Program Management

Discover what sailing is all about. Our new BAVARIA C65 captures the dynamic feel of sailing perfectly as well as powerful yet relaxed and effortless sailing. She loves sailing far and fast yet she insists on doing so in pure luxury.