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Discover more – on every ocean.

Designing and building new, pioneering and unique boats is our aim. We’re not interested in conventional yachts, we want to build benchmarks and create the best yachts in each category. This’s what we achieved with the new BAVARIA C65 in the premium yachts market. It’s designed for owners with the highest aspirations and a desire for more.


More adventure. More freedom to enjoy. More savouring life on the water. More oceans to travel. Discover the new more with the BAVARIA C65 – your new home on the oceans of the world. It offers bluewater cruising at its best, wherever it takes you – Cannes to Nice, Hamburg to Haiti. Or around the world.

It is our entry into the premium world of sailing yachts between 55 and 75 feet long. It is also the biggest yacht BAVARIA has ever built. That’s why we were so meticulous when planning, designing and building it. Every single step in its development was questioned, discarded and thought through again. Why? Because perfection takes time. The result is much more than just a new yacht. It’s a masterpiece of our engineers’ art, the sum of all our experience in building boats.


Design, construction, quality, workmanship, building method and materials – all these are consistent with the BAVARIA YACHTS DNA. Despite its size, this yacht is elegant and sails extraordinarily well. It isn’t just fast, it’s safe at all times and in every wind and weather. It is also extremely easy to handle under sail. Even small crews can sail the BAVARIA C65 on long voyages; you can even sail it single-handedly if you need to.


Discover more below deck. An elegant, modern design wherever you look and in every detail. There is an unbelievable amount of comfortable space which you can arrange for yourself using numerous layout options. We’ve worked together with the best suppliers in the industry, because in the end, more experience means more comfort.

Lutz Henkel, CEO Bavaria Yachtbau

The Revolution is coming!
With its beauty, simplicity and performance, this cruising yacht sets the trends in design, materials and solutions for yacht building. The C65 impresses with a number of innovative solutions, the luxurious interior and excellent seakeeping and safety. Discover more design, more enjoyment, more possibilities. And more freedom. Discover the new BAVARIA C65.