Sporty on the outside, huge on the inside.

Developing a modern yacht always presents designers with the same challenge: finding the ideal balance between the exterior and interior. In the case of the BAVARIA R55, our team managed to give it a slim and highly dynamic exterior design while creating an extraordinary amount of space inside. It is unique in this class and an absolute benchmark in terms of design, elegance and performance.

Little details make a big difference.

Everything at BAVARIA YACHTS is thought through to the nearest millimetre. That’s because we believe that every design element should have a practical use. With us, a handrail is much more than just a handrail. In the BAVARIA R55, it underlines the entire design concept and gives the yacht a more dynamic length. Its flat line doesn’t just look good, it improves performance thanks to its low air resistance.

Designed to thrill.

As soon as you set eyes on the BAVARIA R55, you can recognise its dynamism and elegant sportiness. That becomes all the more clear when its athletic hull rises out of the water. But our design team thought up something extra-special and extravagant: the "knife blade", which flows sideways into the front area of the hull, giving the yacht an extra-sporty touch.

Everything adds up.

When you design a yacht, it is essential to balance all the elements perfectly with each other. For instance, the windows in the hull must match all the rest. Everything has to harmonise, remaining discreet and never dominating. Here’s an example: a flybridge often looks bulky in the overall appearance of a boat, but we managed to slim ours down by using an ultra-flat radar arm and by perfectly integrating the backrests.

Robert Chaffer, Product Manager BAVARIA R55

An enormous complement to our team. They truly delivered top-rate work – not only in designing the silhouette. They produced sophisticated 3D models and then used VR glasses to question, test and optimise. As a result, the BAVARIA R55 is truly stunning from every angle. Find out for yourself.