Only the very best stood a chance.

Owners are demanding. To meet those demands, we took an enormous amount of time not only over the exterior but also on the interior so that we could find what are truly the very best materials. We wanted to create a feeling of luxury which you sense every second you’re on board. And we succeeded – thanks to high-grade leather, the finest materials and fine woods. This extends all the way to intelligent details in the furniture. Even the hinges and drawers point to something special in the BAVARIA R55.

Whatever your heart desires. And your taste dictates.

Future owners of the new BAVARIA R55 will be able to choose from two interior versions: pale oak and dark walnut. But that’s not all. Everything is hand-selected. Take the high-grade aniline leather. And the trendy decorative cushions that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The sleeping area is a dream: a luxurious memory foam mattress as standard or, as an upgrade, an innerspring mattress with a memory foam topper. Surrounding the king-sized bed there’s a beautifully soft, deep-pile carpet to round off the feeling of luxury perfectly.

Pale oak.

This decor’s brushed finish emphasises its pleasantly natural feel, while a bright and friendly appearance produces the perfect symbiosis of lifestyle und modern design.

Dark walnut.

This darkly coloured decor is an expression of elegance and extraordinary quality. Its dark ambience contrasts wonderfully with bright colours and makes them luminous.

Light is magic.

Materials and fabrics are extremely important in the design of a yacht’s interior. But equally as important is the lighting design, because it creates the right atmosphere at the right time. We began by integrating discreet LED ceiling lights, then we put a dimmable, stylish lighting level beneath the wall cupboards and on the steps. This enables owners to precisely regulate the lighting for every mood and every occasion – however they happen to want it.

Sensing the outside on the inside.

We are proud of everything about the BAVARIA R55, but of one thing especially. Our designers succeeded in allowing elements of the outside to flow into the interior. Take the hull windows for example, which pick up on the dynamic forms of the exterior, giving the interior a sophisticated and unique style. It makes you feel at home, but you never lose the sense of being on a high-performance, elegant motor yacht. Two worlds in one.

Robert Chaffer, Product Manager BAVARIA R55

We wanted to create something new and very special. It took care, time and immense attention to detail. For the interior we always opted for precisely the material, the fabric and the lighting which we thought would meet our high standards, and especially those of future owners.