We taught power elegance.

When you look at the BAVARIA R55, it’s immediately obvious that it combines elegance with pure power and performance. Three factors contribute to its outstanding capabilities, and they complement each other perfectly. The pioneering design of the hull. The power and efficiency of its Volvo IPS drive unit. And its dynamic trim flap system. Combined, they enable top speeds of up to 34 knots with the larger engines in the range.

Not a hull. A masterpiece.

The hull of the BAVARIA R55 is very special indeed. Its shape is perfectly designed to match the drive unit, and this is absolutely crucial. Furthermore, its hull possesses the ideal angle for maximum efficiency, progressive handling and soft immersion. S-chines also guarantee safe manoeuvring, when cornering for example. In other words: outstanding sailing performance awaits you.

17.69 m
Total length
4.66 m
Total width
4.39 m
Height above water
600 – 723 hp

What drives us: efficiency.

What makes the IPS drive unit in the new BAVARIA R55 so special? It’s a forward-facing contra-rotating propeller system, which is much more efficient than conventional shaft drives, since the driving force runs parallel to the surface of the water. This results in better acceleration combined with up to 30 % less fuel consumption and 40 % more range. But that’s not all: this yacht is 20 % faster as well – because all the power flows into the drive. Welcome to the future.

Sailing has never felt better.

The BAVARIA R55 features ZIPWAKE interceptors – a dynamic trim control system. They significantly improve the handling feel while reducing fuel consumption. They’re ready to use in a second and a half and are five times faster than conventional trim flaps. That means a maximum of convenience and comfort. Thanks to its auto-trim function – which comes as standard – the yacht is permanently kept in the ideal position. That means cornering feels much smoother.

Volvo Penta IPS drive system for better performance.

A perfectly tuned, integrated system consisting of motor and pod with turbocharger offers outstanding performance and exceptional manoeuvrability across the entire operating range. Forward-facing propellers work in non-turbulent water – which improves performance even more.

Joystick control for easy docking.

The joystick controls the rudder, transmission and propeller speed. Push or turn the joystick in the direction you want and the yacht will follow. You can move the boat forwards, backwards and sideways, and turn it on its own axis. This makes manoeuvring in a tight space child’s play.

Robert Chaffer, Product Manager BAVARIA R55

The BAVARIA R55 combines decades of yacht-building knowledge. It is a milestone which future owners will derive pure pleasure from on account of its incomparable, extremely safe boat feel and because of the numerous other pioneering features on board. Prepare to be amazed.