A yacht like no other.

There are many, many yachts in the world. All the more reason for us to build a yacht that stands out. A yacht that is different. A yacht that surprises. We wanted to create something that has never been seen before. We succeeded with the BAVARIA R55. Its fine materials, ultra-modern design and outstanding performance are thrilling. In short: it’s the best boat we’ve ever built. A true milestone.

Beginning of great new things.

BAVARIA YACHTS owners appreciate the properties that typify our yachts: German engineering, outstanding design, top quality – built with total dedication. And all for the thing that matters most: having a perfect time out on the water. Until now this has meant yachts up to 45 feet long. The BAVARIA R55 represents the next step. A step towards more. More space. More luxury. More performance. For even more fun.

We left nothing to chance.

Anything as special as this needs time. The BAVARIA R55 needed two years of development, planning and construction. Working with the most accomplished experts, we created a yacht comparable with no other boat on the market. It didn’t just meet expectations, it exceeded them by far. It’s equipped with technical features otherwise found only on megayachts. The BAVARIA R55 was intended as a revolution. And it is one.

Adorns any marina.

We wanted to build something thrilling. The result is that the BAVARIA R55 is a true head-turner, whatever bay it drops anchor in. Not only is it dynamic and powerful, sporty and safe, it is also extraordinarily elegant. It offers a level of luxury that omits nothing: the finest materials and the utmost quality, creating the perfect ambience for living in. And then there’s a layout which gives you space combined with privacy. Unique in this class.

Lutz Henkel, CEO Bavaria Yachtbau

We hope you’ll be as thrilled about the BAVARIA R55 as we are. Why not discover it for yourself? Live! Come to Düsseldorf and experience the world premiere first-hand. We look forward to meeting you there. Expect to see something completely new in yacht building. R you ready?