The pure joy of sailing

A BAVARIA yacht is the perfect interaction of many elements. Everything is built around the extensive expertise of German engineering. It is an art that looks back on a long and successful tradition in boat building. Today it is possible to implement all this knowledge with a high degree of precision and quality. We make use of the best materials, the best equipment and exquisite craftsmanship to create something that is the essence of every BAVARIA: the joy of yachting.

Sandwich construction ensures longevity

Isophthalic acid (IPA) resins in the outer layers used during the laminating process ensure that the hull of a BAVARIA is of the highest quality. These offer effective protection against osmosis and thus promote longevity of the BAVARIA. The hull and deck of a BAVARIA is formed by sandwich construction with foam inserts. In sailing yachts the deck is reinforced with aluminium sheets where fittings are mounted. In the so‐called „marrying“ process shortly before the end of production, the deck and hull are screwed and glued together.

Solid wood troughout, yet it is light on board

Over 40 years of experience in boat building craftsmanship are behind the workmanship in the wood inside a BAVARIA. And although modern machines facilitate the boat builders’ work in their own joiner’s workshops, their sense of proportion and their know‐how in dealing with different types of wood is a daily need that only they can satisfy. Mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, chestnut or Ocean Line – a BAVARIA offers individuality and an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable, no matter what type of wood you have chosen. And every BAVARIA encompasses a perfect balance of solid wood and sturdy laminates, because in the end the weight of a BAVARIA’s interior fittings also contribute towards steady seakeeping and excellent sailing characteristics.

Every fitting, every hatch is in its proper place

Before fitting and hatch assembly on deck, the milling and drilling has to be completed. To automate these tasks, BAVARIA developed a CNC system years ago that to date is unique in the global yacht and boat building industry. The deck layout of each type of yacht and the hole patterns for standard and optional equipment are stored by means of CAD/CAM. This requires hundreds of individual operations that are already predefined in the development phase of a yacht, and then optimised. The aim of this automation process was and is to reach a consistently high quality with continuous improvement in productivity. Precise arrangement of the deck openings is crucial in ensuring subsequent sealing.

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