Employees introduce themselves: Milaim and Carolin

What is it like behind the scenes of BAVARIA YACHTS? Who are we and how do we work? We introduce you to Milaim and Carolin who are in charge of the final assembly.

When the yachts arrive at the workstation of which Carolin and Milaim are in charge, they are not quite finished – but also not far from it.

“After us, only the QM – Quality Management – get to see the boats. They check everything, before the yacht finally leaves the yard.” In other words: This is where the boats are finished. This includes fitting of hardware, fabrics, upholstery but also of the complete floors (only at the very end), steering systems, bathing platforms, and such.

And, just in case the colleagues from Quality Management do find anything to complain about, the yacht comes back and their team is the one that has to correct anything that may be faulty. Not always easy and, above all, burdened with some responsibility.

But these two are not by any means new to BAVARIA.

Carolin has been working here for 11 years, Milaim for 24 years. Both are trained carpenters and each of them lives around 20 kilometres from the yard, respectively. A change of job? None of them even thinks about that. Milaim puts it like this: „I am completely happy here since more than 20 years. The work has always been fun. We frequently do different things, which is often new and challenging. We also sometimes work together with the guys from the design and engineering department. If for example we find that some details are not quite right and this happens repeatedly, they will want to change the design.”

The team at their work-station takes between five to seven days to complete each yacht.

“Boats today have so much more extras and equipment“, says Milaim. „Also, the overall quality is much higher and so the job is becoming more challenging. But we have a very good team and together we can achieve a lot!”

Carolin agrees and is quick to name her ambitious goal: „We want to finish the boats so that QM has nothing more to say!“ This may not always be possible, but it seems to be possible more often. „The very first impression, when coming on board and going below, is extremely important“, explains Milaim. „Everything must be just perfect. Every piece of lining, every joint, simply everything!”

In this regard, it seems helpful that not only the quality of the yachts, but also that of the work environment has been steadily improving over the years.

Cleanliness and safety are now much more important factors and this naturally also contributes to a more careful and thorough way of working.

It also raises work satisfaction. Milaim even says that he would like to remain with Bavaria until his pension. He is proud of his work here, and justifiably so. He does not go sailing himself, prefers to play football in his spare time, but on holidays he sometimes sees one of „his“ boats. „In Lucerne, for example, I saw a Bavaria moored to the jetty and I immediately recognised her. Somehow, I got talking with the owner and I told him that I had done the finishing touches to his boat. He was pleasantly surprised and very happy with his boat and we continued to talk over a cup of coffee.”

Carolin also identifies with the yachts that she finishes here.

“But I am already happy when we finish the boats in time and when the owners are happy with them!“ She also does not sail, but, as a passionate diver, prefers to go under the water. At home, she like to cycle – even if not the 20 kilometres from her home to the Yard.