published on 01.07.2024


When BAVARIA YACHTS invite you to its DEALER DAYS, everyone comes. This is because it is one of the major highlights of the year for the BAVARIA YACHTS dealer network, even if it largely consists of work. At the end of June, they met in W├╝rzburg to plan the coming year together and, of course, to present the latest features and options for all BAVARIA yachts built in 2025. 

At the BAVARIA YACHTS DEALER DINNER, the BAVARIA YACHTS dealers not only had to satisfy a healthy appetite, they also had to demonstrate their culinary skills in Reiser's cookery workshop. Whether preparing pasta dough or at the BBQ grill, all dealers and the BAVARIA TEAM lent a hand to prepare delicious pasta dough or tender roast beef.


At the BAVARIA YACHTS DEALER MEETING, the focus was on the upcoming innovations for the 2025 production year. Thanks to a clever UVC LED filter system, BAVARIA YACHTS has been offering drinking-quality water from the on-board tanks on the large C-LINE sailing yachts and SR-LINE motorboats since last summer. Now a watermaker for the BAVARIA C46, C50 and C57 has been added to the price list to make the water supply at sea even more independent.

The Entertainment Premium package on board the BAVARIA R40, VIRTESS 420 and VIDA33 promises even better sound from production in 2025. A powerful amplifier and powerful subwoofers guarantee the best music enjoyment.

And this much has already been revealed at the BAVARIA YACHTS DEALER DAYS. From September 2024, there will be a limited edition with lots of cool features for the BAVARIA YACHTS sailing yachts and motorboats. Find out more at the major trade boat shows in Cannes, Genoa, Southampton and La Rochelle in September.