New BAVARIA YACHTS Day Cruiser coming in September

published on 26 January 2020

Bavaria Yachts New Day Cruiser

Michael Mueller, CEO of BAVARIA YACHTS and Vladimir Zinchenko, CEO of Greenline Yachts at boot Dusseldorf 2020.

Bavaria Yachts is entering the growing motorboat market for day cruisers with outboards.

The first model will go into production in the Giebelstadt yard as early as September. The basis for the first motorboat with outboards from Bavaria Yachts is the Neo from Greenline Yachts. In the middle of during boot Dusseldorf, Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH and SVP Yachts from Slovenia agreed the takeover of all rights to the Neo concept.

At boot in Dusseldorf, Bavaria Yachts presented a world premiere with the BAVARIA SR41 and in this way launched a new model line.

Bavaria Yachts is now announcing this unexpected entry into a new market segment and a further model line. The first model of the Bavaria day cruiser line with outboards will come off the production line in the Giebelstadt yard as early as September. The basis for the new model is the 10.99 metre long Greenline Neo from SVP Yachts in Slovenia. Bavaria Yachts has now procured all rights to the construction of the Neo, as well as the moulds and tools. The development team at Bavaria Yachts will trim the new day cruiser to suit Bavaria until series production starts in September. The deck and interior are to be optimised and adapted to Bavaria's DNA. Outboards with 2 x 300 HP are planned for the propulsion system. Bavaria Yachts will only announce the new brand name for the Bavaria day cruiser line in the spring.

With the new Bavaria day cruiser line, Bavaria Yachts is significantly expanding its market position.

The S-Line stands for sporting motorboats from 29 to 45 feet with inboard engines. The R-Line and the VIRTESS 420 from Bavaria Yachts stand for high levels of luxury, comfort and design. In future, the new SR-Line will link the sporting nature of the S-Line and the comfort of the R-Line. 

"In recent years the market segment for day cruisers with outboards has grown strongly, particularly in the USA and Europe, and will continue to grow in the coming years. With our new day cruiser, we want to tap further customer groups and complete our portfolio of models. Due to the acquisition of the Neo concept and its further development, we will be able to present a new model as early as this year", explains Michael Müller, CEO of Bavaria Yachts.