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„Whether it’s a regatta or a cruising yacht, for us a good boat can only be a fast boat with outstanding manoeuvrability that makes sailing as easy as possible.“ This is how Maurizio Cossutti describes his 30‐year design credo. Here he reveals how he approached the design of the Bavaria models C45, C50 and C57.

Born in Udine in Friuli, on the north‐eastern border of Italy, the sympathetic creator with his curly mane completed his shipbuilding training at the University of Trieste. With his internationally renowned design studio he has made a name for himself with fast yacht designs and successful regatta boats. Cossutti has also worked as head of design for Italian America’s Cup challengers. Alessandro Ganz joined the design studio in 2009 and became a partner in 2014. The young marine engineer also holds a master’s degree in yacht design from the prestigious University of Southampton and is a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. The team at Cossutti Yacht Design consists of passionate sailors and is responsible for the new C45, C50 and C57 Bavaria models.

Mr. Cossutti, how do 30 years of experience in yacht design reveal themselves?

Maurizio Cossutti: The best proof of our broad knowledge is our success, also in the offshore sector. Our specialty is "performance" yachts, which have won nine ORC World Championships. This competitive sport demands our permanent attention, because the boats continually need to become faster and faster, and we cannot rest on our laurels. We can both optimize existing regatta yachts, as well as draw radical new designs as required.

Cossutti Yacht Design works for owners and shipyards – which is more demanding?

Maurizio Cossutti: Ambitious owners like Vincenzo Onorato (Sailing Team Mascalzone Latino) are actually easier to please, as they just want to win with their yacht. For shipyard orders, however, you must bring together the most diverse market requirements. Lots of interior space, comfort, flexibility, easy sail operation and a fast hull. And the whole package then has to be perfected, especially for series production.

How did your studio approach the Bavaria commission?

Maurizio Cossutti: We first made sketches and then the heated discussions began. The new Bavaria design should fit several model sizes from 45 to 50 and up to 57 feet. We started with the Bavaria C57, but the series aspect was established from the outset. The problem: the series in itself had to have the correct identity and each individual model had to be convincing by itself. The C45 was also the biggest challenge, because the Bavaria Cruiser 46 was, and still is, extremely successful for Bavaria in this market segment, and so we couldn’t afford for anything to go wrong.

How does it work internally?

Maurizio Cossutti: In our studio designers of various ages work side by side. Conceptually, we develop our ideas for the customer with a combination of traditional approach and futuristic vision. The final design is created in consultation with the customer representative. On the part of Bavaria Yachts, we deal with open‐minded and competent partners, who also bring on board considerable experience from their end. Constant dialogue with engineers and sailors at Bavaria Yachts makes for a smooth problem‐free interface between design and production. We are often in the yard, and not afraid to get our hands dirty.

What makes the new Bavaria design so special?

Maurizio Cossutti: She has something of the striking Bavaria personality within her elegant and modern lines, optimized in a timeless Italian design. Characteristic is the flat and stretched deckhouse structure. The main advantage of the Bavaria C45 for example lies in her versatility of cabin layout, which can be specified as a “Holiday” or “Style” design. More than mere style packages, these three different configurations meet three fundamentally different requirements. It was even possible to integrate a dinghy garage, which is something not found elsewhere on yachts of this size. The possibility of a 5th cabin took us to our limits. But thanks to our experience, we were able to gain the required space almost centimetre by centimetre, until finally everything found its place.

How did you come to sail, and where do you prefer to do it?

Maurizio Cossutti: More than a profession, sailing is my passion. I designed and built my first sailboat myself. My childhood dreams were already about fast yachts that could also impress visually. I sail a lot in Croatia, because this area is practically on my doorstep. I like to explore sailing areas in the north, like Estonia for example, which is really exciting and interesting.

Maurizio Cossutti short portrait

Favourite pizza: Margherita with sausages
Favourite football team: Udinese Calcio
Favourite reading: Detective stories by Nero Wolfe
Favourite music: Rock from the 70s and 80s