The Shipyard

BAVARIA YACHTS – 45 Years of Yachting

BAVARIA YACHTS is one of the most modern manufacturers of sailing yachts and motorboats worldwide. A BAVARIA yacht is the product of the perfect interplay between its individual components. At its forefront is the immense knowhow on boat construction, the engineering ingenuity and design. Today, it is possible to realise the entire range of this knowledge with a high degree of precision and quality.

A combination of the best materials, fixtures and fittings, the best craftsmanship and a committed workforce results in something that is the hallmark of every BAVARIA: the joy of yachting. 

Behind the scenes: the BAVARIA YACHTS shipyard in Giebelstadt.

BAVARIA YACHTS – 100% made in Germany

BAVARIA YACHTS has been known since its founding as an innovation leader in serial yacht manufacturing. Over 600 sailing yachts and motorboats are manufactured on the shipyard of BAVARIA YACHTS in Giebelstadt, near Würzburg. Four production lines, each 125 meters long, a carpenter’s workshop where the entirety of the yacht is constructed, two halls to manufacture hulls and decks, are accommodated on a large surface measuring 200,000 square meters.

45 years of passion for yachts

Until 1978, a factory for PVC windows stood where BAVARIA YACHTS stands today. Winfried Hermann, himself as sailor, recognized the opportunity this factory and its workforce presented to establish a shipyard for sailing yachts. Its idea: To produce industrial yachts in order to offer them at unbeatable bargain prices and to give many customers the opportunity to purchase a new yacht for themselves.

BAVARIA YACHTS manufactured its first motorboats in 2001, and like the sailing yachts they immediately became successful. Apart from the quality, the unrivalled price‐performance ratio was yet another factor that laid the foundation for its success.

In 2010, one became aware that customers expected much more from a yacht. A yacht was not only supposed to be fast and offer safety in sailing, it was also expected to have the same features as a modern vacation home, along with the highest quality of construction. In comparison to a BAVARIA yacht from 1978, the manufacturing process of today’s BAVARIA yacht is much more complex.

Today, about 700 employees of BAVARIA YACHTS work in Giebelstadt and produce over 600 sailing yachts and motorboats.

BAVARIA quality assurance

Joy only comes with satisfaction, and satisfaction is only possible if the quality is right. That is why we only work with reputable partners. All of them market leaders in their fields. That way we leave nothing to chance when it comes to equipment and accessories – and it shows. At BAVARIA YACHTS, all yachts are produced at the shipyard in Giebelstadt (Germany) from the first laminate to the last polish. The shipyard has one of the most modern and innovative productions for yachts worldwide.

As the first shipyard in the history of yacht building, BAVARIA YACHTS first introduced modern CNC systems in the production. The entire interior of a BAVARIA yacht, from the wooden deck of solid wood to the complete pantry, is manufactured by the experienced boat builders of the company in its own carpenter’s workshop. Each wooden part of a BAVARIA yacht is painted up to six times on its own painting line.

BAVARIA YACHTS | Segelyachten, Motorbote und Katamarane aus Giebelstadt in Bayern

What sets us apart? Many would say it is our yachts that define BAVARIA. We think it is also the people who make this shipyard something special. It's the people who give everything every day to get a little closer to perfection. It is our employees who put all their experience, all their skills and all their passion into a product that deserves to bear our name.  

It is we who make BAVARIA special. Every day, with everything we do, we are proud that We are BAVARIA!