BAVARIA S30 - Interior

Small. But still great.

Below deck the BAVAIA S30 is a real motorboat with a cabin, pantry, and a bath.

Space enough for mmmmmmh.

30 feet? On the BAVARIA S30 the spaciousness makes it feel significantly larger. This is made possible by German engineering and the decades of experience of the BAVARIA boat builders and designers. The galley is one example – not only does it have plenty of storage space, there is also more than enough space for cooking big and small meals. Bon appetit!

The huge worktop – ideal for preparing, great for cooking.

LED lighting for an great atmosphere.

Everything shines in a new light.

Comfort is achieved by special details. For example, on board the BAVARIA S30 a lighting design that makes use of indirect and direct LED lighting can be dimmed at will to suit the mood. Speaking of bright‐ ness – more daylight streams in below deck through huge windows in the hull to enhance that sense of well‐being even more. 

The bathroom with shower and toilet – home away from home.

Light and ventilation for the bathroom.

Cleverly multifunctional.

You can get a whole lot out of even supposedly little space. How? With a few simple steps. For instance, it’s child’s play to transform the saloon table on the BAVARIA S30 into two comfortable beds. That means a total of four people can sleep aboard – such as on a weekend cruise. It’s the little details that make a big difference. 

The cozy aft cabin with two beds.

The accompanying bench – both practical and comfortable.

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